The Awake Disciple

I’m contemplating “liminal space” this morning – that space of standing on a threshold, between decisions, outcomes, worlds.

One of my favorite stories about liminality is in the Bible.  Jesus awaits crucifixion in the garden of Gethsemane.  He asks his disciples to watch and pray with him.  He prays that the cup of crucifixion be taken from him; but then prays “Thy will be done.”

The disciples, although willing to help, fall asleep.  They can’t keep their eyes open for an hour, just to watch and pray.  Chances are they were deeply uncomfortable with Jesus’s need and uncertainty, and it was just easier to tune out… Continue reading

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Sacred Inclusion

Sacred Inclusion

Dear Friends,

Please enjoy this guest post from my friend Marian Brehmer. I met Marian and his wife Aslinur in India in 2018. They live in Istanbul, but distance has not prevented us from staying close.

I am posting Marian’s story about Sacred Inclusion today. When so much of the world seems determined to respond to adversity with attack, this story reflects a different approach. What would life be like if we moved from defensive posturing to a state of grace and inclusion? Marian and Aslinur demonstrate that it can be done.

Enjoy – with Love, Bonnie

To read Sacred Inclusion, click here.

To learn more about Marian Brehmer and Sacred Journalism, click here.


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Hug-less Hugging

Recent headlines:  Hugs Are Forbidden!  Just Say No to Hugs!  Will Hugs survive Covid-19? 

The loss of hugs is hurtful.  Yet for a long time, I’ve engaged in hugging without hugging, a practice I call Thunder-shirting. Continue reading

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