Dear Friends, 

Here is the text from Practitioner Doreen Palermo’s Meditation on Sunday, May 3.  She adapted it from The Spiritual Mind Treatment Workshop curriculum, by the Department of Education UCSL 2007

Remember what it feels like to really relax….

Remember what it feels like to lie in the sun…

Remember what it feels like to be loved… Continue reading

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The Fourth Dog

The Fourth Dog

During last Sunday’s service, we spoke about our eventual re-entry into the post-pandemic world. As we contemplate re-entry, many of us are abundantly ready for life to return to normal. But do we want to be “normal?” Maybe something greater awaits us, something better than the status quo, better than the redundancy of “normal.”

I asked the virtual congregation to hold this question: Will we be guardians the status quo or be the place where 10,000 flowers grow?  Can we transcend the status quo and move into something magnificent for all beings? Continue reading

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Invite Delight

Funny thing about this ridiculous pandemic.  It did not come with an instruction manual. 

In a conversation about how to manage, one of my colleagues said, “Figuring out how to deal with this thing is like building a plane while it’s flying through the air.  The pandemic caught us off guard and challenged everything we once knew to be normal and stable.”

And yet.. here’s my instruction manual for just about everything: Joy is a guiding principle.  There is always room for delight.  Always, no matter what.  With our permission, delight finds it’s way into the darkest circumstances.  

In the midst of ministering to those in need, shutting down all of our normal church practices, reinventing new ways to do everything, addressing staff and financial issues, and caring for my family’s needs — it seemed important to make a video about our Practitioners‘ Pets.

(BTW, Practitioners are the Prayer Ministers at our Spiritual Center.  They play an important role by serving our congregation with great love and integrity in ways too numerous to name).

Here is the videoPandemic Prayer Partners.

I hope it makes you smile.

And if you have a minute, tell us about how you invite delight.  


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