Hug-less Hugging

Recent headlines:  Hugs Are Forbidden!  Just Say No to Hugs!  Will Hugs survive Covid-19? 

The loss of hugs is hurtful.  Yet for a long time, I’ve engaged in hugging without hugging, a practice I call Thunder-shirting. Continue reading

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A Mini-Sermon in a Mask

“Nothing is Everything.”  I gleaned this phrase from a talk that my friend Kusala Bhikshu gave at our Spiritual Center last Sunday.  Kusala serves the world by “doing nothing.”  He feeds feral cats, birds, and squirrels at the Zendo.  He continues his nothingness-practice by posting pictures and quotes on Facebook.  “The pictures make people happy,” he said.  “The happiness ripples around the world.”

Later, I asked him, “Do people ever say you’re not doing enough?  That happens to me when I preach the gospel of small acts of kindness.”  He smiled and said, “Everything I think, say, or do, makes a difference. One way or another.  Not everyone understands that.”

I see now that I have chosen to make wearing a mask a deep practice of “nothing is everything…”  Continue reading

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Invisible Service Made Visible

My husband and I have a lot of animals so I spend a lot of time at our local feed store.  The one I visit is run by a family with four children under the age of sixteen.  The kids are home schooled so they help out at the store  It’s not unusual to have their thirteen-year old daughter ring up your Rabbit Feed; or to have their fifteen-year old son forklift a bale of hay over to your car.

I’ve talked to their parents about this.  “Your kids are getting quite an education here, right?  I mean not only are they learning about math and writing.   You’re helping them develop business and customer service skills.  That’s an amazing gift you’re giving them.” Continue reading

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