I Want to be Better

Last Sunday I spoke about racism (click here). I ended the sermon with: “I know it’s odd for a minister in our denomination to say this…we’re always telling people they are whole, perfect, and complete… but right now I just want to be better.”

We closed with this poem by Shantideva, a manifesto of surrender that invites us to relieve the suffering of all beings.

Today, I personalized the poem: Continue reading

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For George Floyd – by Anna Soberanis

Church member and friend, Anna Soberanis wrote this piece.  I read it at our Sunday Service.  Anna gave me permission to share her wisdom here.  

My neck is sore. I can’t turn it fully to the right or to the left–years of tension locked into bone and cartilage that have stiffened like my perspectives. I don’t know if George Floyd’s neck was stiff before a Minneapolis’ officer kneeled on it. I wonder if the officer heard a crunch and a tear, or if he just relished in the terror of a black man prone on the street. Continue reading

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ZOOM Wedding

I’ve done over 100 weddings in my career as a minister. Some stand out more than others – marrying my beloved nephews to their chosen spouses; Greg and Jen’s wedding where I dropped the rings and blurted an impure word during the holy exchange. One of the most memorable ceremonies was a ZOOM wedding during the pandemic.

Prior to the event, Emma and James, did what most couples do – they booked the venues, selected the cake, the meal, and the music. They met with me to discuss the ceremony.

Then the pandemic happened, and all plans eroded. It was a slow, uncertain crumbling, probably painful for them. With each new quarantine rule, wedding plans dwindled from a large event, to a small gathering, to possible cancelation. Continue reading

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