Is The Rainbow Bridge Real?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 8 years since our first Vizsla-dog Stella passed away.  I’ve written about her in various posts and articles – how her presence brought me to church ministry in Ventura, how her death taught me about mingling suffering and joy

Right after Stella died, I wrote a post called Requiem for a Dog, where I mention The Rainbow Bridge. This is a well-known poem about reuniting deceased people with deceased pets. I wrote:

“I sigh and ponder the Rainbow Bridge; that tear inducing poem about pets in heaven waiting to be reunited with their earth-bound companions.  Maybe Stella’s in heaven, playing with the other dead dogs, kicking the crap out of them.   Maybe she’ll be there, poised and waiting for me when I pass over, maybe she’ll greet me, and we’ll cross the Rainbow Bridge together.  

When I die, if there’s no Rainbow Bridge, if she’s not there, I’ll hunt down the liar who wrote that poem and slap him…”

“I’ll hunt down the liar and slap him.”  Nice. 

I minister to people who lose pets.  I help people discern when it’s time to let go.  I attend euthanasias.  The pet people and I talk about the possibility of reunion.  I offer hope of the Rainbow Bridge.  And then I think about this thing I wrote and I ask, Bonnie, what do you really know about the Rainbow Bridge?  You want to believe, but is it true?   

A couple of days ago, I drove to Orange County to receive a Life Between Lives reading with former Vedic monk, author, hypnotherapist, and healer Pieter Elsen.  The experience is hard to summarize, but generally speaking, Pieter moves the client into a hypnotic state.  We visit past lives and the life between lives.  I’m still processing a lot of what was revealed. Much of it is too personal to offer on a blog post… but here’s one thing I have to share:

In my vision of a life between lives there was no Rainbow Bridge.  There was a Rainbow Acre.  Stella met me as I left my earth-bound body.  She guided me from life to afterlife.  When we arrived, every pet I ever loved was there to greet me.  There were animals I had never met in this lifetime, but perhaps had known in other incarnations.  It was a celebration.  The dogs jumped up to lick my face, the cats snaked around my legs, the guinea pigs chirped hello, Bigfoot the Bunny communicated, “It’s not your fault.”  There was joy, forgiveness, and so much love. 

The surge of eager animals is too much for a Rainbow Bridge. They need a Rainbow Acre. 

That comforts me.  It reminds me that always, there is more grace than I can imagine – everywhere, in this life and the next, in this love and the next. 

If you have lost an animal or a human, I hope this post comforts you.   

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10 Responses to Is The Rainbow Bridge Real?

  1. Suebob says:

    This made me cry big tears. I look forward so much to seeing my dear friends in the Rainbow Acre.


  2. Rheina Rogart says:

    Beautiful. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you Bonnie Ji.


  3. Bernie says:

    Good to have verification, I felt it was true and now we know. Thanks for the afternoon eye washing! ❤️🤗🙏🏼


  4. Christine Voth says:

    Beautiful. Comforting. Blessed. Thank you for sharing your experience of Rainbow Acre while you worked with Pieter. So much to live for here and now; so much to look forward to in the next dimension. 🦋🙏🏻💕

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  5. Lida says:

    What joy to have Stella meet you as your guide in the Life Between Lives! I too was weeping as I read your post. My belief has always been that our animals are in heaven waiting for us. They really love us unconditionally and bring us so much joy how could they not be with us after this earthly embodiment.

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  6. Jackie Hamer says:

    It made me cry. I look forward two romping on the beach with Rosy, my Rodesian ridgeback. As usual Rev. Bonnie, thank you. And by the way, I am so enjoying the class. I love the book and relate so much to it. A true blessing.Jennifer spent some time on the phone with me today. She’s a godsend.Love

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  7. Lynne Barnes says:

    What a beautiful story. I have read alot of stories about Near Death experiences and this had that close to God feeling. Heart ❤warming.

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