The Awake Disciple

I’m contemplating “liminal space” this morning – that space of standing on a threshold, between decisions, outcomes, worlds.

One of my favorite stories about liminality is in the Bible.  Jesus awaits crucifixion in the garden of Gethsemane.  He asks his disciples to watch and pray with him.  He prays that the cup of crucifixion be taken from him; but then prays “Thy will be done.”

The disciples, although willing to help, fall asleep.  They can’t keep their eyes open for an hour, just to watch and pray.  Chances are they were deeply uncomfortable with Jesus’s need and uncertainty, and it was just easier to tune out…

In the U.S. right now, we are in a liminal moment.  We don’t know what will happen.  But in our not-knowing, will we be disciples who stay awake, who watch and pray?

For Love never sleeps.

Love knows that liminality is a place of power.

Love recognizes that uncertainty discombobulates the ego.  Love enfolds the stubborn need to know and all of it’s inherent anxiety.

Love welcomes a new way of being with what is and what isn’t.

Love knows that sacred uncertainty engages paradoxes that align us with the slippery Absolute, so fleeting, and so hard to find sometimes in “normal” moments.

Love can desire a certain outcome while letting go of results.

Love strengthens our trust in an exquisitely nuanced bigger picture.  We may not see it now, but it is there beyond all personalities, positions, and appearances.

And Love waits without waiting; Love waits calmly, but She doesn’t wait to practice breathing, self-care, kindness, belonging, and faith in the ultimate goodness of being.  Love loves without outcome or need.  Love loves, no matter what.

Will you be the awake disciple?  Will you let Love love through you in the coming days?  Will you let Love love through you always?  

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5 Responses to The Awake Disciple

  1. Nick Haner says:

    Maybe………..but as of this moment I’m throwing up


  2. Norm Fort says:

    Hi Bonnie, Your post is for me, one of the best if not the best you have written. I was thinking last night among all the chaos & uncertainty, “love will prevail”. These words from the Bible, not just “thy will be done” but the entire statement, “if it be possible, let this cup pass from me” and then “not my will but thine be done” reminds me that True surrender so we can get out of the way and allow love to prevail is what we are being called to do. Thank you. Norm

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  3. Doreen Palermo says:



  4. Amy Michelson says:

    I’m in!


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