Sacred Inclusion

Sacred Inclusion

Dear Friends,

Please enjoy this guest post from my friend Marian Brehmer. I met Marian and his wife Aslinur in India in 2018. They live in Istanbul, but distance has not prevented us from staying close.

I am posting Marian’s story about Sacred Inclusion today. When so much of the world seems determined to respond to adversity with attack, this story reflects a different approach. What would life be like if we moved from defensive posturing to a state of grace and inclusion? Marian and Aslinur demonstrate that it can be done.

Enjoy – with Love, Bonnie

To read Sacred Inclusion, click here.

To learn more about Marian Brehmer and Sacred Journalism, click here.


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2 Responses to Sacred Inclusion

  1. justbeautifulinteriors says:

    Thank you for sending this. I was really touched and need reminders on hearing and listening in these turbulent times.

    Joann Baker Just Beautiful Interiors (805)300-5040


  2. Susan Aquino says:

    Very touching. It reminds me, when I am in the midst of those with whom I disagree, to use kindness instead,


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