Dear Friends, 

Here is the text from Practitioner Doreen Palermo’s Meditation on Sunday, May 3.  She adapted it from The Spiritual Mind Treatment Workshop curriculum, by the Department of Education UCSL 2007

Remember what it feels like to really relax….

Remember what it feels like to lie in the sun…

Remember what it feels like to be loved…

Remember doing something special for someone

Remember being happy

Remember how it feels to really laugh

Remember how it feels to have a really good cry…

Remember the feeling of a good night’s sleep

Remember the excitement of starting something new

Remember the relief of finishing a project

Remember the feeling of holding a puppy

Remember the feeling of a child’s hand….

Remember being at peace with yourself..

Now … sense the light and love of God as it goes in and out of each breath….and Allow yourself to be bathed in this energy of love…

This love that permeates everything….   Notice the sensations within your body temple, the feeling of your skin, the touch of your clothing on your skin… feel the sensations in your month, your tongue resting on your teeth.   Notice any bodily sensation and reflect that every sensation is the power and presence that is the creative life force within you.     Feel this presence working within you… listen and hear the sounds around you… every sound reflects the work of some divine action taking place…

Now ask yourself:   What do I know of God?     Begin naming what you know about God.     God is love… God is life…. God is abundance… God is peace…. God is perfect wisdom….

Now let go of saying GOD is… and contemplate that you are what God is… you are all these qualities…

As you open your heart and mind to remembering this and all good things, feel that good welling up from within you.   Know that this feeling of good has the power to manifest truth and wholeness, peace and well-being, to initiate change and wash away anything that doesn’t serve the power of love.   Feel this love within you… feel it’s wisdom within you…   Listen for your intuitive voice… and know that you can follow this wisdom into action always…

Now open your eyes and notice that you are seeing through the eyes of love…. And so it is.

Gracie, proud pup of Doreen and Jim

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6 Responses to Remember

  1. Bernie Austin says:

    Such a wonderful meditation, thank you Doreen. And thank you Rev Bonnie for a lovely process of discovery in the Sunday service.


  2. Styke says:

    Simply beautiful !!


  3. revsuzw says:

    Doreen led a beautiful meditation , very powerful .


  4. Bill Kohut says:

    Really nice. Not easy to remember with ones eyes closed.


  5. Annette says:

    Love love love this, thank you for post


  6. Rheina Rogart says:

    Beautiful, I will read this everyday as part of my meditation. Thank you for sharing, and reminding us all. Blessings


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