Inhale Kindness, Exhale Connection

Please enjoy the following meditation brought to us by Bernie Austin, RScP at our Sunday Service – April 12, 2020.  To learn more about Bernie, click here.  To hear a recording of the meditation, click here.  


Take the next few moments to bask with the connection that so much of the world is currently recognizing as an energy wave of renewal, of rebirth & of emerging.

Close your eyes; settle into this time of conscious connection, then let’s focus on breathing in unity.

Inhale Love, Exhale Forgiveness.

Inhale Forgiveness, Exhale Love.

Inhale Kindness, Exhale Connection.

Inhale Connection, Exhale Kindness.

Inhale Inspiration, Exhale Creativity.

Inhale Creativity, Exhale Inspiration.

Notice the mobius/the cycle, of giving and receiving.

We give to our self, and then we give to others.

As we continue in this conscious pattern of breathing, focus our awareness on thoughts & feelings that unite us, that connect each of us, as it Creates the Ripple of Love that unifies each of us, one to another, in this room, in this community, rippling across the nation and embracing the world.

One Thought, One Mind, One with All That Is.

Feel the loving embrace of the Divine with Each Breath Cycle.

Through out the world this is a time of seasonal change. For us, we are seeing new growth, a rebirth of life; nature is springing forth with blooms, blossoms, sounds & songs.

Many Faith traditions recognize this is a time of letting go of the old self & a time of spiritual rebirth.  It is a time of hope, a time to live a more fulfilling life.  It is a time to recognize the spiritual consciousness of the I AM within, the spiritual essence that aligns each of us with the divine energy of Spirit, the Universe, with that which is the God presence in us all.

This is also a time of unique stillness for many of us; This time of change is a time the world is connected through a shared experience of stillness.

Recognizing the unique opportunity of inner connection as a time to listen, to affirm others through deeper listening.

For a rebirth of ideas, perspective, & reconnection

to bring hope, joy, forgiveness, and to see possibility for a different future.

To Lovingly Be of Service.

Bask in this time.

Look for the beauty,

give your attention to the present moment by listening within,

by speaking the truth with compassion.

Use prayer, gratitude, & kindness in thought and action.

Smile, laugh, play, imagine.

Look up to see beyond the current circumstances

to that which is yet to be revealed.

Be the Love that is You

Share that Love with compassion

Serve with Love that is inspired

And so it is.

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4 Responses to Inhale Kindness, Exhale Connection

  1. Nan Cathey says:

    Thanks so much Bern from far away Florida!


  2. Bill Kohut says:

    This is really nice. Thank you for stepping up and presenting this to us.


  3. brocktravis3 says:

    I love the Way you are sustaining
    the connection of our community!


  4. starlight says:

    beautiful exercise.


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