The Tomb is a Womb

“Does the compost cycle believe in life after death?”

This is one of my favorite lines of poetry – because of my three Bibles.

My first Bible, music, reminds me that notes are beautiful because of the emptiness surrounding them. Silence believes in sound.

My second Bible, physiology, reminds me that the body enjoys a constant exchange of positive and negative ions. Symphonies are composed, tears are dried, and inventions are invented because of these humble ions. The negative believes in the positive.

My third bible is nature. Sometimes my faith staggers around like a drunken sailor. But I always believe in the compost cycle. Nature knows that somehow, encrusted eggshells, moldy bread, and rabbit poop go into the tomb of the compost bin to create something magnificent – soil that gives us food and life! The compost cycle does indeed believe in life after death.

And death believes in resurrection.

Does resurrection believe in death? Yes, and amen!

Death happens so that life may rise again. All things are intertwined to create contrast and cycles. Knowing this, invites faith beyond opposites. It suggests “touching the hem of the garment of the Infinite Absolute.” It reveals grace beyond our comprehension.

On this holy weekend, couched in the craziness of Corona, I hope that we remember to spend some time in the metaphorical tomb. The tomb is liminal. The tomb is amazing. The tomb is a womb.  Let us wait with faith-full remembrance for the resurrection that is to be.

And so it is!

Photo by Norm Fort.

Read the full poem Being Human by Climbing PoeTree here.

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3 Responses to The Tomb is a Womb

  1. becky burnham says:

    I LOVED this! Beautifully written. So well said. Thank you so much!


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