Love is Looking Up

A couple of Sundays ago, in our virtual church service I mentioned the positive effects of literally looking up. My prayer partner Marc told me about this concept. Then I read an article stating that the brain is stimulated in new ways when we lift our gaze. Casting our attention upwards helps us find awe, wonder, and possibility.

When I spoke with Marc about this, I said to him, “That makes sense. Remember the line, ‘I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help?'”

He nodded.  “We know that’s true,” I went on, “because it’s the Sound of Music.

He smiled.  “Maybe the Bible too.” I said

The benefits of looking up are important, especially now. Not only are we perpetually glued to keyboards and screens. We metaphorically look down, guarding ourselves against potential loss and disaster. We need a new view. Every day.  At least once a day.  We need to be reminded of the broader possibilities surrounding us always.

We don’t have to take an exotic vacation to create a new view. Wherever we are, looking up deliberately provides us with a positive shift in consciousness.

During the live-stream message on Sunday, two friends from our Spiritual Center, Lenore and Abinadi watched from home. “When you said look up, we looked up.” they emailed. “This is what we saw.”  (see above and below)

Will you look up at least once today? Tell us what you see.  What changes within you when you look up deliberately? 

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7 Responses to Love is Looking Up

  1. Monica says:

    I mixed up my morning offering today and went outside, lifted my smudge bowl to Grandfather Sky and offered gratitude and an open heart then I bent down and touched Mother Earth but quickly remembered I was in the part of the yard where the dog pees so I didn’t touch her too much.

    Blessings one and all, I am so grateful for this space you‘ve created Bonnie.

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  2. Bonnie says:

    I am grateful for your participation in this space, beautiful. LOL on the dog pee. I understand completely. 🙂 Love to you – Bonnie


  3. Pam Kelley says:

    Thank you for the beautiful message and incredible photo. I forwarded it on . . .


  4. Meenal says:

    I saw a beautiful clear vivid blue sky and the stark white of a seagull gliding by. And I could breathe a little more deeply.


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