Be Hero Now

A few days ago, I wrote about praising unsung heroes.  People shared comments about super-heroes disguised as health care workers, mail carriers, good sons and daughters, waste-water employees, and more.  Unsung heroes are everywhere.

The generous responses made me wonder – is it possible that you are a hero too?

You may not think of yourself as heroic. When I look in the mirror,  I’m a far cry from Wonder Woman. Honestly, she’s a lot more put together than I am, with that sparkly bra and all. She’s well-endowed with perfect hair. Not me.

While I’m not fazed by my ongoing bad hair day, I know that many of us dismiss our importance. The thought of ourselves as heroic doesn’t even cross our minds.  But what if your life is essential to the evolution of this sacred yet scary time?

We need to recalibrate our perception of heroism. Heroes are not fearless or perfect. Fears are catalysts for courage and flaws inspire humility.  Your presence matters here. To quote Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “you were made for this”even if you don’t know it.

Would you take a moment to notice who you are?

Your life changed a little over a week ago. The pandemic struck and  you gave up familiar routines. You sacrificed work or you worked at an essential job for the well-being of others.  You practiced generous isolation. You put dreams on hold. You bought canned goods and toilet paper and prepared for the worst. You worried about loved ones.  You prayed, you let go, you took action.  You attended church on-line.  You home-schooled your children.  You brought groceries to the elderly and reassured your neighbors.

You’re proud and humbled, doing the work of kindness; revealing gifts in adversity.  And here you are, reading a blog about hope when you may feel hopeless. That in itself, is heroic.

How have you expressed heroism in recent days?  

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5 Responses to Be Hero Now

  1. nocrackpot says:

    Love this. Thank you.

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  2. Scott says:

    You’ll always be Captain Thundershirt to me

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    • Bonnie says:

      I hear you’re being pretty thunder-shirt -like yourself, delivering food and such. Thanks for the reminder about super hero name. Good to hear in these times. 🙂 xo


  3. revsuzw says:

    My dog Shanti and my cats Jessie and Mr E surely must see me as a hero for giving them extra attention and being home with them so much now. They don’t know that they are my heroes for keeping me on purpose when what I thought was my purpose was suddenly stripped away. Thank you, dear Bonnie for helping me see a different perspective.

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