Sing to Unsung Heroes

Someone pounded on our front door. The dogs (Cujo and Satan) barked their heads off. I leapt off the couch where I was clipping Guinea Pig Hoss’s toenails. I tucked Hoss like a football and ran for the door. There on the front steps, was a small white bubble wrap envelope, a package from Amazon.

It wasn’t ours, it was for a neighbor. So I put down the Guinea Pig, slid out the crack of the door to avoid a dog lunge, picked up the package with two fingers to ward off germs, and ran in my pajamas after the delivery guy.

He stopped and looked at me. His eyes were weary over his regulation mask. “Wrong house,” I said.

“I am so sorry,” he replied.

“Oh my gosh,” I answered.   “No need to be sorry. You’re my hero.  Thank you for the hard work you do.”

He visibly relaxed. His eyes smiled and he got in his van to escort the package to its rightful home. And that was that.

The other day in church, I spoke about singing to unsung heroes as a strategy for coping with quarantine.

All day, I thought about that anonymous delivery guy, doing his best to meet peoples’ needs. Perhaps he’s supporting a family; or maybe putting himself through school. My thoughts about the Amazon guy rippled out to embrace other anonymous heroes – the people in our local grocery stores, the medical professionals, the parents keeping their children safe at home, members of our congregation who give and receive support so freely.

When we sing to unsung heroes, the unsung heroes sing a chorus of blessings back to us. Our heightened awareness of them magnifies the texture of grace that supports us even now.

Who are the unsung heroes in your life? Would you name at least one below and tell us why?

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15 Responses to Sing to Unsung Heroes

  1. Rebecca H. says:

    My unsung hero is my father in law Ernie, who we all call Papa. He has invited us to live in the amazing home he and my mother in law made with their own hands. Where we live now we have a few friends, but no family anymore. Papa said “come live with me”. This weekend we are moving to our new home, with all that is happening in the world we know this is where we are needed and wanted next! I call Papa home the happy place because He makes everyone feel wanted, love and special!!

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  2. Dawn Gorman says:

    Our beautiful daughter Sarah is a nurse whose heroic efforts helped try to prepare her office and others in Ventura County to deal with the flood of medical needs related to this virus, even when it seemed too unreal to fathom. Now she faces so many challenges, yet she still leaves her sweet family and goes into harms way each day. Her selfless efforts extend to us as she helps provide us with food, medicine, and loving reassurance. Our prayers and humble appreciation are offered for her and all of those who give their special gifts to assist us in this time of dire need. May each beloved hero like our sweet Sarah be protected from harm and strengthened by all of our love.

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    • Bonnie says:

      Oh yes, Dawn – Sarah and all health care professionals sacrificing every day for all of us. Yes, protect them and honor them as they serve. And so it is. xo


  3. praeto64 says:

    My friend Doug is one of my unsung heroes. He lives with his disabled mom and takes care of her while holding down a job at Vons. He is a great dad to his teenage daughter, and he’s always there for is brothers like me. Thanks.

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  4. Jennifer says:

    Waste water employees! I am grateful that when I flush the toilet I know it will have somewhere to go. It will be treated and clean water is returned to the planet to start its rotation again.


  5. Melissa Honig says:

    My parents receive plenty of tender loving care at their retirement home in Woodland Hills. Even so, until the corona crisis, one of my sisters or I visited them nearly every day. It’s been weeks now since we’ve seen our beloved parents, but the nursing and social service staff has been wonderful – setting up FaceTime visits, offering special activities via a closed circuit TV show, and offering medical and social support several times per day. I couldn’t be more grateful.


  6. Linda Dye says:

    I am so grateful for all the people who serve us that you mentioned, and more, most recently the Wonderful Cox repairman who tried to fix my internet and took the time to explain, and just visit, all outside the house. And the polite kind young SCE folks who are inspecting the nearby electric towers with an amazing drone. And for the 9 Westmont graduate young men who are my neighbors and always are so very kind, good listeners, patient, polite and willing to help me with what I need.


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