Why Kindness?


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Dear Friends,

I’m taking a short break from writing about India, even though I haven’t told all the stories I want to tell.   The India stories blend with good things here at home.  So, I’m starting a new series – merging India and the principles of Service Space with the present moment.  This new series is about Kindness

Why Kindness?

It seems to me, that we take kindness for granted.  We underestimate the power of kindness.  Kindness seems small in comparison to a world filled with epic problems. 

But I believe that impeccable, relentless kindness helps everything; and maybe it’s time to take kindness and its implications seriously. 

One of the Gandhi 3.0 principles we studied in India was “lead by inner transformation.” If you want to change the world, change yourself. 

Kindness produces explosive inner transformation

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The receiver of kindness learns to receive, to deserve, and to bless the giver through his or her receiving; the giver of kindness experiences a personal encounter with the True Nature of Reality – Oneness. 

Acts of kindness dispel the illusion of separation.  Kindness is a simple, sustainable delivery system for the Infinite Love of the Universe.  Kindness illuminates the truth of our shared journey.  Kindness draws our attention to the opposite of hate, which is connection. 

Kindness is an infinite invitation to participate in the opposite of hateIt is an infinite opportunity to live like the Truth about Love is True. 

With this series, I extend invitation and opportunity to you.   

  • Read the blogs and practice the principles.
  • Send me your own stories of kindness that I can post with a few editorial comments. (I usually shoot for about 500 words). 
  • Share the blogs and your experiences with friends to create kindness momentum.

 I am excited about co-creating a kinder world.  I hope you join me. 

With Love, Bonnie

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5 Responses to Why Kindness?

  1. Christine Voth says:

    Beautiful newsagent. 💜 I am honored to accept your invitation to co-create kindness in the world! 🌷💜🙏🏻


  2. Bernie Austin says:

    Kindness is both the opportunity to give and receive in a single action. ❤️


  3. Linda Dye says:

    Kindness changes the world, person by person!


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