I told the backstory of my first trip to India because the blending of joy and sorrow shaped my worldview.  After I returned, people in our church said, “You’ve changed.  Something happened in India.”

India felt like a memory, like a paradox I’ve always known.  Life shows up as opposites – joy, sorrow, darkness, light, good, and evil.

These opposites are held in a greater Absolute Reality.  Absolute Reality is Perfect meaning “inclusive of everything.”

The first trip to India influenced the second trip.  In fact, in this most recent journey, I began to wonder about time – does the past shape the future or does some future calling influence the past?  Time felt timeless.  I’ll write more about that later – but timeless time seems to be an aspect of Absolute Reality.

I usually describe Absolute Reality with a story about the time I lost a large Goat in my small town.  Not everyone can relate to that but here’s a link if you’d like more information.

More people can relate to flying on an airplane so I’ll use that as a metaphor for the Absolute.

If you take off on a plane on a cloudy day, while you’re in the airport you think “It’s a cloudy day.”  As soon as you get above the clouds, the sun is shining.  You think “Even though I’m in the same zip code, even though the people on the ground think it’s a cloudy day, now it’s a sunny day.”

It’s both.  Your “reality” of a cloudy or sunny day depends on your perspective, the position you hold in Reality.  Absolute Reality is the source of all conditions.  It is that which encompasses all positions, perspective, possibilities and more….

It helps me to remember that my individual reality is based on my perspective and only as real as I think it is.  My reality is not Absolutely Real.  My reality exists in relationship to other factors.  I can cling to my version of reality, justify it, rationalize it, take it to dinner, and marry it.  My truth is always only partial truth. 

Individual truth is relative.  And just as the sun always shines beyond rain or clouds, the Reality of Absolute Truth shines beyond our relative perspectives.

When we step back, broaden, and consider Absolute Reality our hearts and minds expand.  We stretch past limited perspectives about old wounds, stories, self-concepts, relationships, fears, and disappointments.  We invoke new possibilities that set us free.

Rumi describes it beautifully: “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field; I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.”

I choose to inhabit fullness.  I hope you do too.  Our willingness to embrace the Absolute makes the world a kinder place for all beings. 

Reflections:  How might you describe or experience Absolute Reality?   Is there a situation where moving out of relative perspective might help you?   How can you inhabit the fullness beyond words, a fullness that is “too full to talk about?”

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