Dear Friends,

This is to let you know that I am starting a new series – 40 posts with 40 reflections on a recent trip to India with Nipun Mehta and ServiceSpace.

I spent approximately two weeks in the land of Gandhi, learning, loving, praying and meditating.  I am eager to use mere words to share that which is beyond words.

My ServiceSpace friends always encourage me to carry out small acts of goodness and trust that the ripples will expand and fill the world.

May these words send many ripples of goodness to you.  May your life be deeply blessed.  And may you continue to richly bless others with your own beautiful being.

Life is magical when we allow it to be.  Stay tuned — first post is coming soon.   Love, Bonnie

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18 Responses to Reflections

  1. Ric Shaffran says:

    So looking forward to your posts. They could not be coming at a better time!


  2. Megan Edwards says:

    Lovely. 😌 Looking forward to sharing in your intrepid pilgrimage and inspiring insights! ✨


  3. Wonderful! I’m so looking forward to reading it! Blessings to you!! 💐❤️


  4. Harriett says:

    You’re terrific. Looking forward!


  5. Rebecca Herrera says:

    Thank you for the ripples, staying tuned. Blessings and Peace to you!


  6. Verna Rose says:

    So wonderful Bonnie. Very much looking forward to this.


  7. Marie Rye says:

    Being Heart ❤️ centered and Gratitude Thank you. Blessings abound. And so it is. Love, Marie


  8. becky burnham says:

    can’t wait!


  9. Dawn Gorman says:


    Glad you are home and filled with such joy!

    We hope to be able to see you all soon. We’ve missed being there to celebrate with you.
    You may not know that after 2 1/2 weeks of being evacuated from the fires and smoke, we finally ended up in Ramona, with all of Sarah’s family with us at our other daughter, Jennie’s.

    Chris and I had both been coughing from the bug that we caught in our smoked, stressful time of exodus. My husband, Chris, fainted one day at their house. We rode by ambulance to the hospital in Escondido, where we learned he had ruptured an abdominal muscle, and he’d been bleeding internally due to the blood thinners he takes for afib. Fortunately, they were able to stop the bleeding. With the wonderful care of medical staff and heartwarming support of our three children and families, he pulled through.

    He was sent home the day before Christmas Eve, very weak and with a deflated football-sized hematoma. So since then we’ve worked with many great health care professionals, who have supported us at home with a nurse checking his vitals and a physical therapist encouraging balance and strengthening exercises. Chris has been a trouper through it all!

    We’ve been pretty homebound, but we look forward to returning to celebrating life with you all very soon. Your travels and adventures have been fun for us to follow. In the coming weeks, we hope to witness the influence of the gifts of the spirit you received as you share in your reflections with us.

    Dawn and Chris Gorman


    • Bonnie says:

      Dear Dawn and Chris,
      I have missed you and extend lots of love to you on your journey. I look forward to seeing you very soon. Please let me know if I/we can help in any way. You are loved. – Bonnie

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