I Have Decided to Enjoy My Life

After years of worrying about whether or not I have a right to exist; after a lifetime of concerns about being good enough – I have decided to enjoy my life. 

Nothing changed.  God did not reach a hairy arm out of the sky and hit me with a voodoo joy-stick.

I just decided.   I decided to stop waiting for self- improvement.   I decided to relinquish the need for circumstances to change.  I decided to be consumed by a joy greater than I Am.

I am no longer interested in measuring my worth by accomplishments or LIKES on Facebook.  I measure my life with laughter.  I measure with compassion, kindness, play, and rest. 

While I still see the occasional disapproval of others, I won’t allow it to tether my joy.  I remember that disapproval is often projection.  I remember that all beings are unique works of nature.  And to disapprove of myself or others from a place of pettiness, shame or comparison is like telling a giant redwood tree, “Try not to be so tall – couldn’t you be more like a fern?”

My shadow still exists, but it is more friend than enemy.   I am the witness of the shadow, not the shadow itself.  Even on the days when my shadow tells me I have failed to enjoy my life, I am willing to find comedy in the failure….

Joy, like most of God’s blessings, fills us so we can empty ourselves of it, give it away.  If I wastefully scatter joy into every moment, into every person I encounter; if I recognize that sorrowing, suffering, crankiness and all undesirable inner conditions are joy in disguise, joy seeking to emerge; then I dance with joy and invite the world to be my partner. 

Will you dance with me? 

Will you decide to enjoy your life? 

It has been a pleasure serving you in this series of 28 posts.  I will take a brief hiatus and will be back soon with more words. 

In Joy, Bonnie

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26 Responses to I Have Decided to Enjoy My Life

  1. Thank you, Bonnie


  2. Keith says:

    I love this! I am joyful for YOU and I thank you for putting me in a different space. I am living my life in a much more healthy way because of being positive and I know that I am worth it. Love you!


  3. pat card says:

    Thank you Reverand Bonnie for yohr inspiration. Yes, I will dance witb you.


  4. becky burnham says:

    Ahhhh! I Love This! Becky Jo


  5. Sally says:

    Right on time…..as always! Thank you for your words and your heart!
    Always, Sally💜🙏🏻💜


  6. Janet Huber says:

    I am so happy you have decided to enjoy your life and yourself just as you are. I am choosing to live the same way and my life is filled with joy!!🌈⛰🏝🌅🎆🌃


  7. Janet Huber says:

    I am so happy you have decided to enjoy your life! I am choosing to live the same way and my life is filled with joy!!🌈⛰🏝🌅🎆


  8. Janet Huber says:

    So happy for you!! Enjoy it all!


  9. DAVID says:

    Thank you, and congratulations on your decision. I’ve tried it both ways, and this is the best! The more you enjoy life, the mire there is to enjoy. Andso it is.


  10. Christine Voth says:

    It has been a pleasure to read your inspiring stories. Thank you for these 28 gifts! 💕🌷


  11. Patti Handfinger says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Each one resonates with me. I look forward to when you resume, but take time to recharge now. Love, Patti


  12. Nancy says:

    Rev. Bonnie…your words always hit the mark. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. Enjoy your hiatus.


  13. Linda Dye says:

    Yes, I’ve realized I am! So glad for you for your joy! Thanks. So much for your Daily Beloved writing and content. Nameste!
    Love and blessings, Linda


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