Praise, given or received, opens us up to the reality of unspeakable grace that exists within us.

Receiving praise honors God’s gifts.

If you receive a compliment, and say “thank you,” know that this translates as, “Yes, the infinite, presence of God expresses through me in what you admire.  I celebrate the glory of God operating in my life as my talent, creativity, virtues, attributes and goodness.  And because life is a mirror, and you saw an admirable quality in me, this means you also contain this quality.   I celebrate you as I celebrate me.”

This is the proper translation of “Thank you.”

A word of caution about praise:  praise is lovely and often under-utilized.  At the same time, we should avoid addiction to praise as our source of validation.  We also must recognize that while there are many praiseworthy things about us, there are also things that we might call flaws (another kind of gift).   We need to acknowledge the whole picture – our darkness and our light

Yet much of the time, in the name of self-improvement, we dwell on our flaws at the expense of our exquisite beauty.  For today, see if you can receive praise without squirming.  Welcome praise from others.  Try praising yourself without exploding into excuses.  Praise others freely.  And remember, no matter who you are and what you’ve done, there is always something praiseworthy about you.

Can you make a list of 100 praiseworthy things about yourself?  Can you do so without “exploding into excuses?” 

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3 Responses to Praise-worthy

  1. nocrackpot says:

    100? Couldn’t you have just started with 10? LOL. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks, Bonnie.

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  2. Ok, Rev. Bonnie, you can certainly dish it out, but can you take it??…. hahaha… here goes!
    You have been, and continue to be an inspiration, an upliftment, a reality check, and a belly laughing joy in my life ( and in the lives of countless others!) I praise you as the amazing and unique emanation of the Divine that you are. I cherish you for All you bring, for All you know, and for All you do, to raise the consciousness of this Life we are living! Blessings to you, dear One Always!! Xoxo.


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