The Power of a Pause

Paws Power

In general, my theology leans toward witnessing and befriending.  We allow the forsaken parts of ourselves to arise – our doubt, fear, guilt and shame. We embrace the “flaws” we tend to reject.   We allow the dark voice to speak and reveal its secrets to us.

But the ego is tricky.  Sometimes witnessing and befriending is a slick cover-up for the ingrained habit of scaring ourselves to death.  We don’t want to succumb to repression or denial so we continue to engage in destructive chatter in the name of “feeling our feelings.”


Our dark stories don’t have to overtake our minds like a crop of weeds flinging spores everywhere and littering the sanctity of our inner environment.

Instead we can just shut up and allow something life-affirming to grow.

We invoke the power of a pause as we say “Enough.”

This is surprisingly effective.

The power of a pause allows us to step back.  To me, it feels like stepping behind my chattering to see clearly.   From this new position, I refuse to be bewitched by my inner monologue and I gain perspective.

I realize doubts and fears think they are real.  They valiantly perform all kinds of shenanigans in the name of protecting or helping.  They stick like glue.  But doubts and fears arise for transformation not stagnation.   In other words, we welcome these thoughts but they don’t need to rent a room in us.  We pause and graciously escort them out the door of our consciousness, making space for something better.

Tara Bach says “learning to pause is the first step in the practice of Radical Acceptance.”  The Power of a Pause – breathing and gaining a new view – can help with almost anything.

How will you apply the Power of a Pause today?

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2 Responses to The Power of a Pause

  1. geyergerl says:

    I just finished Radical Acceptance, I’ve been practicing my pause!


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