The Power of (Unanswered) Prayer

When my husband and I decided to get a second dog, I panicked.  I felt our house was too small for two dogs.  I was sure they wouldn’t have a good life unless we found a bigger place.

I decided to pray, knowing I could “manifest” a larger house.  “We’ll all be happier once we move,” I said.


Several months later, we hadn’t moved; but I had a revelation in our tiny bathroom.

I went in there.  The two dogs and the cat crowded in after me.  (If you have animals you may know they often “help” in the bathroom by visiting, staring, and barking).

I thought, “This is ironic.  I prayed for a bigger house and now I’m crammed into the tiniest room with the herd milling at my feet, the exact opposite of my prayer.

Was my prayer a dud?  Am I an inadequate pray-er?”…

We often look to the world of conditions for evidence of answered prayer.  If external conditions don’t change, we start to distrust and think we’re having a prayer-fail.

While it’s true that outer conditions sometimes change through prayer, often the more important change is internal.

We release the strident need to change the world and allow ourselves to be changed instead.  We find unconditional good – goodness independent of external conditions.

That morning in my tiny bathroom, I smiled as I found unconditional good.

Even if we lived in the Taj Mahal, the dogs and cat would continue to sit on me, lean on me, and visit me in the bathroom.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  God’s spaciousness has nothing to do with square footage and everything to do with a heart crowded by insistent love.

I try to remember to return to the memory of this when I am frustrated by seemingly unanswered prayer.  Time and time again I find that unanswered prayer is love calling me deeper.

Are you experiencing an unanswered prayer?  Could it be that a deeper Love wants to happen? 

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12 Responses to The Power of (Unanswered) Prayer

  1. Christine Voth says:

    Bonnie, thank you for this insightful and smile-provoking article! It resonates with me and reflects what I’ve been experiencing lately– God is a better architect for my life than me and the path to allowing that is looking for deeper love, and trusting God. ❤️


    • Bonnie says:

      Love what you wrote: “God is a better architect for my life than me and the path to allowing that is looking for deeper love, and trusting God.” So true. Love, Bonnie


  2. Jonna says:

    Love always wants to happen!


  3. Rebecca Herrera says:

    Oh wow! Thanks Bonnie, Hugs! I haven’t been able to put a finger on what it is I have been feeling about some recent events which “seemed” my prayers were in vain. The “light switch” was just turned up and the “light” is leading the way again.. by your words, my prayer has been answered this beautiful morning!


    • Bonnie says:

      Thanks so much Rebecca. I am so delighted to be of service and trust that greater love and light is expressing in your life as I type this. Love, Bonnie


  4. jennifermerlich says:

    I toyed with the idea of purchasing a king sized bed, so that I’d have a bit more room and wouldn’t be stuck in one position all night as four furry little bodies press up against me. But then I realized the size of the bed doesn’t matter–love goes where it goes, whether it’s crowded into a tiny bathroom (been there, done that!), pressed up against my back, draped over my leg, or snuggled up in my arms. And thank goodness for that, because truth be told, if they did suddenly decide to sleep in their own beds, I’d miss them terribly!


    • Bonnie says:

      I can so relate. We went with a King Sized Bed too and it’s the same situation. But really, what could be better? Love crowding into our lives, vying for attention and proximity is a beautiful thing. Thank God for our animal teachers. 🙂 Love, Bonnie

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  5. becky burnham says:

    LOVED THIS!…especially ” a heart crowded by insistent love.”


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