Receive More Than You Can Receive

Bartie holding Mommy’s Slipper

Think about someone or something you love unconditionally.

My dogs: They are ill-behaved, boisterous, annoying, destructive, and needy.   Over the years they have pooped in unspeakable places, shown my underpants to the neighbors, rolled in dead animals, and eaten treasured keepsakes.  Yet I love them without the burden of conditions.

Some of us are good at giving unconditional love. For many of us, it’s more difficult to receive unconditional love


We strive to be worthy to receive, but the ego believes in earning.   The ego says, if I haven’t earned it, I don’t deserve it and therefore I should not receive it.

In one way, the ego is correct, for it is impossible to receive all that has been given.

God has given us creation unconditionally.  We do not earn life, love, adventures, mountains, oceans, trees; sweetness, challenges, inspiration;  relationships, the animal kingdom, chocolate, the five senses,  intuition; sexuality, the ability to laugh and cry, the joy of compassion, the sorrow of loss, which is really love in disguise…. If we were to list all that we have been given all day long, we would only scratch the surface of the unearned good that exists for us.

God loves a cheerful receiver.  What this really means is that our receiving stretches us into greater truth.

Through receiving, we embrace the truth about the nature of Reality, which is love.

Love loves unconditionally.   Love expresses love by giving to us unconditionally.  We glorify love through our willingness to receive it.   Then we give love away.  And our willingness blesses all beings as the cycle begins again.

Will you glorify unconditional love today?   Will you receive more than you think you can receive?    


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7 Responses to Receive More Than You Can Receive

  1. becky burnham says:

    I really , really Loved this!!!


  2. Bill kohut says:

    Wow! I can really relate to this. Another good thought from my loving preacher lady.


  3. Deborah E. Gibson says:

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. brocktravis3 says:

    “We glorify love by our willingness to receive it.”


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