Adored and Adorned


My niece Holly recently had a baby.

Baby Claire has quite the wardrobe.  My favorite outfit thus far is the one pictured here – an iconic T-shirt reminder from Dirty Dancing that says “Nobody puts baby in the corner.”

In the movie, the phrase tells us that no one should be ignored or underestimated.  It teaches that we each have inner beauty worthy of recognition.

Sometimes we feel like we’re in the corner – overlooked and undeserving.  But Ernest Holmes wrote “all limitations are self-imposed.”  And maybe, now that we’re grown up – maybe the only one putting baby in the corner — is baby….

This is not about blaming ourselves.  It’s about awakening to other options. 

No matter what we’ve done; no matter how badly we may feel about ourselves at times; we can still be seen, heard, held, and adored.

It starts by recognizing how we put ourselves down, put ourselves in the corner.  And then we surrender to greater possibilities.

Through the process of compassionate observing and the welcoming of new options, the corner becomes a cornerstone.  It becomes a bedrock reminder of your own innocent capacity.  In this cornerstone, you remember that you were once a beautiful baby, completely deserving of love and sassy outfits.  You’ll recognize that your worth has not eroded over time.  It has expanded and will continue to expand in flaws, wonder, and the mystery of perfectly imperfect living — as you allow it to be.

Like a young mother adoring and adorning her baby in all things, you can choose to adore and adorn your own infinite innocence.

How will you cherish yourself today?  How will you adore and adorn? 

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