Your Birth Affirms Your Worth

One of my favorite television shows is Call the Midwife on PBS.   It takes place in post-war London.  Heroic nuns and Nurse Midwives minister to the equally heroic people in a working class community.  They cope with poverty, injustice, unsafe conditions and other earth-bound challenges.

There are many births on this TV show; and each birth makes me cry.

Perhaps you have witnessed a birth or two, either on television or in person.  Perhaps you also cry on such occasions.

We don’t cry because birth is sad.  We cry because birth is hopeful.  Each birth is a miracle of “life longing for itself.”  Each baby arrives as divine potential.  Each child is worthy of love, respect and goodness.

You are worthy of love, respect and goodness.

Your birth affirms your worth.

If you are here, you are worthy of the honor of existence.  You don’t have to try and prove your worth with accomplishments, wit, wisdom, or other.

Ask yourself, “How do I try and prove my worth?  Can I be completely worthy simply because I am?”

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7 Responses to Your Birth Affirms Your Worth

  1. Beautiful. Exactly what I needed at this moment!.


  2. Jill says:

    Lovely like you. But I challenge you with this; yes, b/c I’m here it is proof enough of my worth, but what about the earthly struggles? The relentless, daily drudgery that comes with mediocrity? I mean, I get it, even though we’ve got dog kisses & sunsets but how do we ever reconcile our wants with our what is without feeling as though we’ve chosen to settle or worse, give up?


    • Bonnie says:

      Awesome Jill. The short answer: I think we hold the dynamic tension of our wants and what is – the negation and affirmation. Then call upon “The Third Force,” to create something new out of this necessary tension. Talked about it in church today and borrowing from Cynthia Bourgeault. I appreciate the challenge, beautiful one. xo


  3. Joann Baker says:

    Good reminder. I find that quite often I catch myself comparing myself to others which is not a good idea. If they are talkative and I am quiet, I think I should be more talkative. And so it goes. I need to be reminded that I am perfect just as I am.


  4. revsuzw says:

    One of my favorites,too, but cringe at the midwifery parts! Thanks for your thoughts


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