Let Beauty Awake

roseMy husband and I got married twenty-something years ago.  I was involved in opera at the time, so we had tons of music at our wedding.  One of the songs was Let Beauty Awake, by Ralph Vaughan Williams based on a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The lyric that runs through my head still is “Let beauty awake, for beauty’s sake….”

Think of a sunset, a rainbow, a rose, a rabbit, a baby, a mountain, a song, and a smile.  All of this exists for its own sake.

Beauty and the ability to receive beauty is given to us completely gratuitously.  We don’t have to deserve it or earn it.  We can ignore beauty but we can’t “un-earn” it.  Beauty just exists, eternally for us.

Beauty is life’s jackpot.

We try so hard to be good people, especially now when the world seems challenging.  Sometimes it all feels futile.  But one of the best things we can do is to stop, breathe and behold beauty.   This ordinary act is profound and noble.  Beholding beauty just because; beholding beauty for beauty’s sake aligns us with something beyond the world of challenges.

Beauty reminds us of what is true.

Beauty is a symptom of life’s intelligent holiness.

Therefore, if you notice yourself getting agitated or depressed; if you experience self-doubt or feelings of unworthiness; take a moment to stop and behold beauty.  Let beauty awake.  And most of all, see the beauty that abides in your own dear face in the mirror.  You are beautiful because you are – and so it is.

It has been a pleasure serving with these 28 days of meditations.  I’m taking a short break to re-group – but I’ll be back soon, with more words, more hope, and more verbal footsteps in the direction of your power, humility and wholeness. 

Love to all,    


Meditation – Center yourself and say, “Let beauty awake.

Practice- Notice if you start feeling stressed or sad.  Focus on beauty to re-orient yourself.

Advanced Practice – Look in the mirror and say, “Let beauty awake.”  See as beauty sees.

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13 Responses to Let Beauty Awake

  1. becky burnham says:

    OH NO! I can’t believe the 28 days is up. Good thing I saved all of them and I can just start over! This one is really great because it has been very grounding and gratifying these last few months to really embrace the beauty that surrounds us. It is very comforting and reassuring and as you said, “remind me of what is true.”


  2. This is great with Valentine’s Day soon.


  3. Sue kabel says:

    Thank you for the past 28 days of wisdom and love. You are a blessing in these troubled times.


  4. Nancy Sosnowski says:

    Thank you for these beautiful reflections the past 28 days! I just loved them.


  5. Linda Dye says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful series of awesome words and meditations! And for all you do. Looking forward to the continuation! I can take you with me! Love and blessings, Linda


  6. Amy M says:

    Hooray for beauty!!! To behold beauty is to see the face of God! Thank you Bonnie, for these wonderful messages! Xoxo


  7. Dawn Bergeron says:

    Thank you so much for these 28 days of wisdom! Just what I (and the world) needs right now. ❤


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