In Love With What Is

meditationIn church, as we open our eyes after meditation, I ask the congregation to be “in love with what is, as it is.

Some people see that as a controversial statement.  They say, “Is it really possible to be in love with what is?  What if it’s something bad?  Shouldn’t we try and change the unacceptable? “

First of all, being in love with what is does not mean you need to like what is… 

If someone criticizes you about something you’ve allegedly done wrong, you may not like it.  But you can still be in love with it.  You can be in a state of love for self and other.  Your willingness to love strips criticism of its power.    

Likewise, if something unfortunate happens to a loved one, we don’t like that either.  The willingness to move into love, however, often opens up greater possibilities for peace and healing.   

And the world may seem like a mess.  But this too is an opportunity to surrender to the transformative power of love. 

Loving what is means cultivating faith in the undertow of wholeness that pulls our shared existence.  Loving what is releases reactivity and creates the opportunity to respond with heart-centered intention.  Loving what is can change the world for good, in quiet humble ways.

You can start loving what is today, with what you are doing now. 

If you can’t love what is, love your inability to love what is.  The action of your love is more important than the object of your love. 

Meditate – Center and focus on a change.  Breathe deeply and say “I am in love with what is.”

Practice – Throughout the day, notice change.  Breathe and affirm, “I am in love with what is.”

Advanced Practice – Think of someone or something that causes you to grit your teeth and say (through gritted teeth), Spirit, help me to fall in love with what is.  See what possibilities arise.  What is the most loving response to someone or something that feels hateful?

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2 Responses to In Love With What Is

  1. oklatvlr says:

    A wise man once said….”An act, no matter how heinous or terrible it might appear, is either an act of love or a cry for love.”


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