What Are You For?

cookiesI feel better when I don’t indulge in copious amounts of sugar.  I’m usually pretty good.   But holidays happen.  This past Christmas season, I went on a sugar rampage and found it difficult to stop.  My greatest undoing was chocolate chip cookies.  They seduced me daily.

On January 1, I declared a “War on Cookies.”

Up until recently, the cookies were winning….

So I called off the War.  I stopped trying to slap my destructive habits into submission.   Rather than dwelling on what I was against, I shifted my focus to dwell on what I was for.  

I moved from being “Anti-Cookie” to being “Pro-good health and vitality.”  The result was a natural inclination towards food that helped me feel good.   Once I stopped fighting the cookies, they stopped fighting me.

Even though cookies may seem like a small thing, the shift in focus works really well and extrapolates to larger issues.

Many people in New Thought teachings tell us we are “to be for something and against nothing.” 

That may be a bit extreme.  It may be appropriate to be against something from time to time.  But many of us are routinely seduced by the energy of “against.”  We fight against reality and focus on eliminating what we do not want.

This can be difficult to sustain.

Other options may be more effective.

Instead of unconsciously leaping into battle and fighting what you don’t want, ask, “What am I for?”  Welcome what arises and let it be a homing device.  Your heart’s desire — what you are for — will lead you home to your best self. 

Today I’m for love and listening.  I surrender to these qualities.  How about you? 

Meditate – Ask yourself, “Where have I been investing in ‘against’ energy?”  See if you would rather be “for” something.

Practice – Back up your choice to be “for” something with small constructive actions.

Advanced Practice – Consider the thing you are most against.  Look for a way to transform this into being “for” something.

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2 Responses to What Are You For?

  1. betseygee says:

    It’s perfect. I’m having a valentine party on Sunday. I love sweets. I think I will eat a great healthy meal before the party. Then I can eat a little less sweets.

    I agree. Focus on what I am for. Self love and loving you all. ♥️♥️♥️

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