“And I Love It”

squirrelWe’re supposed to love ourselves, right?

What if we behave in a completely unlovable manner?  What if we have character flaws as big as the Grand Canyon?  How about the things in us that seem like a humiliating bad accident?  We know we shouldn’t look – but we’re compelled and obsessed.   We can’t look away, no matter how hard we try.

The good news is we don’t have to look away.  We simply look at all of the dark and forsaken parts of ourselves with new eyes – the eyes of compassion.

Spiritual Comedian Kyle Cease urges us to witness what is allegedly wrong with us; acknowledge it; and say “and I love it.”

“I messed up – and I love it.”

“I can’t pray myself out of a paper bag – and I love it.”

“I am doing the exact opposite of what I should be doing – and I love it.”

The ego will object to this, loudly stating “I can’t give THAT my stamp of approval.  It will run amok and I’ll never change.”

That’s where the paradoxical nature of wholeness enters in.

If we don’t love our imperfections, we’ll live our imperfections.

If we really believe in wholeness, we must love everything.  

It makes no sense – but try it and see.   As you love everything, everything loves you.

Meditate – See what thoughts arise – and say “and I love it.”

Practice – Throughout the day, notice any self-critical thoughts that arise.  Identify what is “wrong” with you.  Say “and I love it.”

Advanced Practice – Notice where the ego objects to loving the self.   Love your objections too.     

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7 Responses to “And I Love It”

  1. betseygee says:

    I really appreciate this, having lived in old shame for past last several days. Blessings for you, Bonnie.


  2. Pat Card says:

    Thank you for being an inspiration for spiritual growth.


  3. Absolutely hit the spot with me and all my grand canyon “pot holes!”


  4. Joann Landon says:

    My meditation following this post was so fun! When I found myself thinking —“I love it”. So much better than being exasperated from catching me in thought webs! I just love it! 🙂 Thanks, Rev. Bonnie!


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