Common Ground

footballThere’s a story called A Christmas Truce that took place during WW I.   The legend has evolved over time.  Some of it may be myth but the essence remains true:

In the midst of WW I, the German, Belgium, British and French soldiers put down their weapons.  They rose out of their trenches to sing Christmas Carols together.  They socialized and played soccer.

I contemplate this story today, because of the Super Bowl.  I may or may not watch it.  But the game has meaning for me this season.

Yes, it’s only the Super Bowl.  It may stir up controversy in various ways.   Both teams really want to win, so it may seem warlike and aggressive….And what if the Super Bowl is also an opportunity for polarized America to focus on something other than our differences?   Can we agree to have a good game and connect in a place of shared values – sportsmanship, skill, joy, and passion?

Is the Super Bowl an opportunity for us to see that we have certain fundamental similarities that override our differences?

Is the Super Bowl a spiritual practice?

I’m not sports savvy.  I don’t know a wide receiver from a tight end….But if God/Love is anywhere then God/Love is everywhere…

So take this metaphor to heart:  Beyond WW I, and soccer, and football, beyond American politics, there are places in our lives where we connect.   We temporarily suspend our judgments of the “other.”  We agree to disagree. 

We can also agree to be in the game but not of it.  We stand on common ground in the illusion of opposition and play our hearts out.

And by the way, if the Super Bowl metaphor doesn’t work for you, may I suggest the magic of the Puppy Bowl?

Meditate Commit to seeing beyond differences today.

Practice – Throughout the day, look and see who is “different” from you.  See if you can find underlying similarities or connections.

Advanced Practice – Send love to someone who you feel has absolutely nothing in common with you.

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11 Responses to Common Ground

  1. Christine Voth says:

    I like the idea of the Puppy Bowl! I am loving your daily inspirational posts. Thank you!


  2. Christine Voth says:

    I like the idea of the Puppy Bowl! Thank you!


  3. Amy G Berg says:

    Bonnie, I am loving every word you write! I start each day with your blog and take in your words like a deep cleansing breath!
    I love this take on the Super Bowl and will use it to unite rather than separate from others in different aspects of my life.
    Peace and love to my west coast sister! Write On!


    • Bonnie says:

      Thanks Amy, my East Coast sister! I really appreciate your kind words and your understanding. I’m gonna quote you on FB, assuming that’s okay since you posted it here in a public venue. Big Love to you – I want to see you and Mary soon. xoxo


  4. Paul truedson says:

    Good morning Bonnie, I look forward every year to watching the the Super Bowl! I can get pretty compassionate about both sports and politics. Thanks for your message today and I will work towards agreeing to disagree with love today and beyond! Enjoy the day! Paul


  5. oklatvlr says:

    Sadly, we may want to be distracted from the day with sports. But I have come to feel that most of us do not ever want to think about the real issues of the day. We ignore the homeless person on the street by texting on the phone to our friend, we watch a sporting event which makes millions for a few while ignoring that world hunger could be solved by the rich contributing a small portion of their obscene wealth. I guess I have become so jaded that I see sports for what they are, events and players whose importance and contribution are blown way out of proportion to the real sadness in our society.


    • Bonnie says:

      Beautiful thoughts that I’m sure inspire you in your unique way.
      I just watched part of the Super Bowl and saw something completely different – a lot of love that unified many people.

      But let’s both pray together, each in our own way, that the issues you described above are never too big for Love. And that love is made manifest by big hearts like ours, doing the conscious work of revealing wholeness in the world, even in the willingness to see brokenness. With Love, Bonnie


      • oklatvlr says:

        What I hear you saying is that we should ignore the reality and just love. Love ourselves, love our enemies, love the one who kills for the thrill of killing.

        I am reminded of what a wise man once told me….”Every act, no matter how heinous or terrible it might seem, it either an act of love or a cry for love.”


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