Any Constructive Action

fractal-wire-flame-butterfly“A meteorologist from MIT discovered the Butterfly Effect:  a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can actually create a tornado in Texas a week later. If a butterfly’s actions can have such an impact, imagine the ripple effect of our lives… Our entire lives balance on each moment, and we have a major, perpetual choice: Do we want to be in an internal space that’s good for us and good for others?”

This quote is from an article written in 2012 by Viral Mehta and Nipun Mehta.  Their words seem particularly relevant today.

The shadow has been exposed.  It is easy to slip into despair.  We see what is “wrong” with the world but we can’t “fix” it.  We want to help, but we feel helpless.  Our helplessness can easily morph into fear, anger and/or apathy.

Sometimes our sense of futility and smallness causes us to stop helping before we start helping.

But then there’s the Butterfly Effect…

It’s not only about tiny wings and tornadoes.  The theory reminds us that small actions have consequences.

To use the Butterfly Effect for good, we enact small gestures of loving kindness.  We become the wings of a butterfly.   Our individual butterflies become an Inter-connected Air Force committed to hope, healing and happiness for all beings. 

This feels so much better than fear, anger, or apathy!

If you want to feel good, be a Butterfly.  Be the solution.   Act.  Remember and trust:  Any constructive action helps every constructive action.  The ripple effect is real.   

Meditate – Think of one loving constructive action you can take on behalf of all beings.  Commit to doing it today.

Practice – Throughout the day, notice feelings of helplessness and a sense not doing or being “enough.”  Remind yourself that any constructive action helps every constructive action.  Trust the ripples. 

Advanced Practice – Consider something or someone that brings you great distress.  Love your distress and allow it to lead you from hopelessness to the hopefulness of any constructive loving action. 



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