From the Unreal to the Real


Saraswati and Mali

Mali, our rescue Cat, thinks she’s a dog.  Much to my distress, she sometimes sneaks through the doggie door at night.  She comes when she’s called though, so I don’t worry too much.

One late night, I heard a cat fight outside.  I summoned Mali and she did not return.  With each empty “cat-call,” I sank into deeper despair and had a sleepless night.

“She’s dead,” I said.  “We will miss her.”

The next morning, I staggered to the kitchen to make some tea.  I sighed as I considered life without Beloved Mali.

Minutes later, Mali sassed her smug self through the doggie door.  We had a joyful reunion.  She ate two breakfasts then went to sleep, completely unabashed by her night on the town….

In New Thought teachings, we say “belief creates reality,” but sometimes we take that phrase too literally.

Our belief does not kill the cat.  Rather it creates an experience.

Our belief feels real because we believe belief.   But belief is only belief.  It is not Absolute Truth.

A Hindu Peace Prayer invites God (or Love) to “lead us from the unreal to the real.”                

This prayer moves our perception of reality from the relative to the Absolute.

Our willingness to perceive the Changeless Absolute blesses all beings.  Moving from the unreal to the real may be the most important change we ever make – and we are called to make this change repeatedly. 

Meditate – Allow your mind to wander to something that causes you concern.  Notice the story you tell yourself about it.  Then ask, “Love, lead me from the unreal to the real.”

Practice – Throughout the day, notice your reactions.  Ask, “Love, lead me from the unreal to the real.”  

Advanced Practice – Find a place where you are really stuck in a “dead cat story.”  Find something that feels real, unpleasant, and/or threatening in some way.  Breathe into the energy of that and then ask, “Love, lead us from the unreal to the real.”  Know that as you pray this prayer, you offer it to all beings.

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