Love Your Inability to Change

spoonsMany years ago, I was involved in a teaching project in New York.   We were a bunch of theater people meeting to inspire.   One day, a group member – a tap dancer – asked us to make a change in our lives.

He said, “Make any change you want and report on it next week.”

The following week, “Andy” asked us to talk about our changes.   One young actress said she decided to get up ½ hour earlier to meditate.  Another singer said he committed to calling his parents once a week.

When it was my turn to share, I blurted, “I moved my spoons.”

People laughed.  But it was powerful for me.  Moving my spoons showed me how the mind works.

I knew my spoons were in a different place.  I put them there.  Yet every time I needed a spoon I unconsciously walked to their old habitat.  Then I judged myself for doing so.

Trying to change our thinking is like putting a thought in a different drawer.

We frequently re-visit the place we are programmed to go.   Then we judge ourselves.

Change requires a new relationship with trying, failing, judging, and trying again. 

Changing our thoughts takes time.  We’re really attached to where our spoons once were.

But even our inability to change is worthy of our love. 

And paradoxically, when we love our inability to change – we start to change.

Meditate – Center and focus on a place where you feel like you can’t change.  Love your inability to change.    

Practice – Throughout the day, notice your inability to change and apply love. 

Advanced Practice – Make a physical change in your environment– something like moving your spoons.  Notice what happens; see if you can relate it to the process of changing your thoughts.



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3 Responses to Love Your Inability to Change

  1. becky burnham says:

    good one!

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  2. Dawn Bergeron says:

    Love this! Very timely 🙂


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