The Conspiracy of Wholeness

?Watching our dog Saraswati play in the ocean is medicine for me.

I throw tennis balls into the surf and Sara charges after them.   She navigates the waves like a pro.  I didn’t teach her how.  She just knows.  Her ballistic body collaborates with the whims of the Pacific in a sacred dance.

This reminds me:  a mystical presence conspires in all things.

Something creates balance, harmony, well-being and joy.  Something conspires to create beauty.  Something conspires to inspire.

Some might call it a conspiracy of wholeness.

The planets maintain their orbits without colliding into the sun.  The trees bear fruit as scheduled.  The cells of our body work tirelessly to maintain homeostasis.  All of creation leans into wholeness, as the lure of wholeness beckons all of creation.

Yes, there are seeming imbalances.  This is part of the conspiracy too.

When Sara was first learning the ocean she got rolled by a wave.  She stood up, shook herself off, and adjusted her technique.   The mishap taught her.  It made her stronger.  The wave did not violate her wholeness.

The only thing that can violate our wholeness is the perception that something can violate our wholeness.   

Even then, it is only our perception that is temporarily “damaged.”

Wholeness remains unbroken, no matter what.  Even the “bad” reorients us to the quest for good.

We can trust the conspiracy of wholeness.

Meditate – Center and focus on a change that causes some discomfort.  Hold it in your heart and say “I trust the conspiracy of wholeness.”  

Practice – Throughout the day, notice discomfort around changes.  Relax, trust and say “Wholeness is here.”

Advanced Practice – Where is it difficult to trust inviolate wholeness?  Can you call forth the belief in wholeness there too?   Are you willing to be surprised by what wholeness may reveal?

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2 Responses to The Conspiracy of Wholeness

  1. brocktravis3 says:

    “All of creation leans into wholeness.” Ahhh!


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