Caroline and Gino

Caroline and Gino

My husband and I have two Box Turtles, Caroline and Duke.  We often bring them inside for the winter, but last year I insisted on leaving them outside.  I read a book that said turtles need to get cold during the winter to hibernate effectively.

One day during their nap, I decided to look for them in their outdoor pen.   I wanted to wake them up so I could micro-manage their hibernation.

I found Duke, but couldn’t find Caroline.  I was sure she had run away.  I asked our Prayer Practitioners to pray for her safe return.  Shortly thereafter my husband found Caroline happily asleep in a deep hole.

Later, I discussed this scenario with one of our Practitioners.  Bless her heart, she gently asked, “Reverend Bonnie, do you think maybe Caroline knew how to hibernate without your help?”

In other words, “COULD YOU SHOW SOME TRUST in a system that’s been hibernating living beings for years??”

I’ve never made the sun rise, never fastened the oranges to my fruit trees, never dragged the tides back and forth and have never been responsible for all hibernating animals everywhere.  An unspeakable mechanism of deliberate good manages most things without my assistance. 

This mechanism, this change-maker, moves everything with pride and purpose.  The change-maker turns love into love.

Much of the time, we can relax, trust, and watch life’s majesty unfold.

Ernest Holmes said “Learning to Trust will make us happy.”

I agree.  Caroline does too.

Meditate – Center and focus on a change that causes some discomfort.  Hold it in your heart and infuse it with the energy of trust.

Practice – Throughout the day, notice discomfort around changes.  Relax into trust.

Advanced Practice – Can you invite trust to participate in that which is most difficult to trust?  Is it possible that the same power that sets the sun and pulls the tides is present in this too?

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4 Responses to Trust

  1. I, too, had box turtles–Mitsy and Monty. I worried about them when we had the ’94 earthquake and suffered a tremendous amount of damage to our home. They were hibernating at the time but popped up in March, oblivious to all the destruction and rebuilding that had been buzzing above them for weeks. It astonished me. Look how they go on! Look how non-plussed they are! When I think about it now, it reminds me that there is calm beneath the tumult, sometimes way down but always there.


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