Where’s The Gift?

love-mail-1Our church participates in a Love Mail Project.  We stay alert to groups who may be targeted for hate mail.  We then intervene, by proactively sending them Love Mail.  We want them to know that we stand by them.

So far, we have sent Love Mail to several Mosques, two African American Churches, A Jewish Temple, and a local LGBTQ organization.

For more information on the Love Mail project, please click here.

During the evolution of the Love Mail concept,  I contacted the Interfaith Amigos – a Jewish Rabbi, a Muslim Imam, and a Christian Pastor.  They have guest-spoken at our church and they are our friends.

Imam Jamal’s website contains this quote:

I was a secret treasure
And I longed to be known
So I created the worlds
Visible and invisible. —Hadith Qudsi

What is this secret treasure that longs to be known?  And do we ever get to know it?

The treasure is beyond words, but perhaps it is love.

Love hides in all changes.  Love IS all changes.  Love abides in our joys and our sorrows.  Love speaks in all things visible and invisible.

We know love when we reveal love.   We reveal love through surrender and willingness.  Instead of fighting with what is, we ask for the treasure hidden in what is. 

Some of you may remember the old commercials from the 80’s, where a senior citizen asks repeatedly “Where’s the Beef?”

In the midst of changes, as we seek the treasure that longs to be known, why not ask, “Where’s the Gift?”

Meditate – Center and focus on a change that causes some discomfort.  Ask “Where’s the Gift?” Be willing to be surprised by the answer.

Practice – Throughout the day, notice discomfort especially in relation to change.  Ask “Where’s the Gift?”

Advanced Practice – Is there a Gift to be found in some of the most unfortunate things we experience – even some of the sorrowful things I referred to at the beginning of this meditation?  See if you can find one gift in something disturbing; breathe into the gift and allow it to be.



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1 Response to Where’s The Gift?

  1. junetruedson says:

    Thank you, Bonnie. This perspective is so needed right now in this country. Blessings to you.


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