Love Longing For Itself

christmas-2016Every year, I lament the passing of our Christmas tree.  I love it dearly and want to keep it forever.  When it starts becoming a fire hazard, I tell myself to be mature and take it down.  Awash in a sea of nostalgia, I put away ornaments and think about the lines from a Joni Mitchell Song:  “You want to get moving, and you want to stay still, but lost in the moment some longing gets filled.

The Christmas tree take-down, the Joni Mitchell lyrics and most changes feel like liminal moments, i.e. in-between moments.

We stand on a precipice, knowing that something must die so something else can be born.

A dry and love-laden Christmas tree becomes a memory.  Then it becomes compost to serve something new.  The arisen newness will also someday turn into memory, into mystery, into something else…This is the story of existence.

The underlying principle beneath all change is changeless love.

Love is the ultimate reality.  The mild to severe discomfort that we feel in liminal moments, in the midst of changes, is “love longing for itself.”  (paraphrasing Kahlil Gibran)

We don’t have to “make” change comfortable if it’s not.  Discomfort may be part of love’s power.   We reap the power of change by becoming mindful of it’s liminal nature.  We lean into the longing.  We remain present and poised, as we remember:   All change is Love longing for itself.  All change is love changing into love.

If love is the ultimate, absolute reality – love becomes love all-ways.  There is nothing else for it to do.

Meditate – Allow your mind to wander to a change in your life.  Affirm, “This is love longing for itself.  This is love becoming love.”

Practice – Throughout the day, notice changes around you or within you.  No matter what it is, see the presence of love longing for itself and love becoming love.

Advanced Practice – Notice another change that feels uncomfortable, perhaps your own most “in-between moment.”  Can you find love becoming love there?

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