Perfect Change

bartie-white-spotOur dog Bartok has a bright white spot on the top of his rust-colored head.  It looks like someone spilled a drop of bleach on him.

In the past, this innocent white spot would have made me anxious.  I used to dread all signs of aging in our animals.  “They just don’t live long enough,” I’d mourn as I’d try and think about something else.

It’s different now.

I cherish Bartok’s white spot.  I don’t avoid it.  Rather, I worship it for it is holy, like an angel kiss or a Bindi.  It is an emblem of the full life we’ve shared.  It tells me to welcome his aging as an opportunity to serve him with greater devotion.   It reminds me that his ultimate death, all ultimate deaths, exist as part of perfection.

Change is the only constant thing.  Change may provoke unsettling feelings of loss.  But when we befriend change, change befriends us.  

Change is essential, for it enhances the holiness of life.   Change inspires love and dissolves clinging.  Change makes life precious.  Change changes us and helps us be more of who we truly are…

When we recognize the preciousness of impermanence, the preciousness of all things changing – our existence becomes a sacred dance of beautiful love and loss intertwined.   

The Fantasticks said it best: “Without a hurt, the heart is hollow.”

Meditate – Center, lean into a change in your life and meditate on its perfection. Feel the essence of impermanence.  Love whatever arises.

Practice – Throughout the day, notice the bitter-sweet impermanence all around you.  Feel what you feel, but also acknowledge “This is Perfect Change.”

Advanced Practice – Give away something that is difficult to give – a belonging, an apology, a compliment; goodwill to someone you don’t like.  Feel the shifting energy of impermanence and affirm “Perfect Change.”

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3 Responses to Perfect Change

  1. Rebecca Herrera says:

    Thank you for the early morning tears of peaceful acceptance of the power change has and the choices I have!


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