I am Changeless Being

mountain-and-fogHiking in the mountains of Ojai shows me the truth of existence.   There are days when I stand on a mountaintop in bright sunlight.  I look down and see Ventura blanketed in thick fog.   I consider the people in Ventura.  They think it’s a cloudy day.  But it’s a sunny day for me.  Who is correct?  Is it a sunny day or a cloudy day?  Yes.

Infinite possibilities exist.   We select from the menu of possibilities.  Then we identify with our selection, we attach to it, and call it reality.  Our identification with a segment of reality defines our experience.   But our perceived reality is not the only reality.  Absolute Reality is the Reality behind all realities.

In the scenario of sun and clouds, some might say, “If you want a good life, identify with the sun.  Stay positive.  That’s where you should put your focus.  Ignore all cloudiness, all adversity.  It’ll mess you up.”

It’s exhausting, if not impossible, to hold clouds at bay.

To experience your true fullness, identify with the Source of all weather, all changes.  Step back from attachment to sun or clouds and recognize your oneness with the changeless wellspring of everything – all experience and conditions.  

This may be uncomfortable at first.  But if you breathe a little deeper, you’ll find peace and equanimity.   Weather, conditions, relationships, governments, people, and all things change.   But throughout all changes, you are the paradox of impermanence.   Impermanence points to something permanent – that is the changeless being that creates all changes.   Your essence is Changeless Being, a port in a sea of changes. 

You might as well enjoy it and allow it to empower you. 

Meditate – Allow your mind to wander to a change in your life.  Center and repeat the phrase, “I am Changeless Being,” for several minutes.

Practice – Throughout the day, notice your reaction to change.  Affirm “I am Changeless Being.

Advanced Practice – Consider a change that brings up a lot of resistance for you.  Hold it gently – and see it as a gift from the source of all possible changes.

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2 Responses to I am Changeless Being

  1. Deana Sherry says:

    I need to love the allness…the clouds and sun. I am so thankful for your encouragement.


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