Love the Task At Hand

cat-on-computer-3I’m getting ready to teach a class on “Mystical Ways” at our church.   A mystic is someone immersed in a non-dual approach to life.  They “see the two worlds as one.”  They know they “belong to the Beloved.”

Seekers often want to know, “How do I become a mystic?”

Truthfully, we are what we seek.  But the process of becoming enriches our experience of being.

The process is not complex.  It is simply doing what you do with loving awareness.

In other words, your life is your ashram.  Your activity is your practice.  Your inner monologue is your mantra.   

If you take the simplest thing and apply love, you will be love becoming love.  You will be the mystic you are.

Take e-mail.  Like many of us, I get about 100 e-mails a day.  Sometimes they cat-apult me into reactivity – too much spam, too many demands, not enough time….   I’ve found with a few deep breaths and a slight shift in consciousness, I can apply love to my email.  I can use my email to be love becoming love.

I delete spam with love, knowing that someone somewhere wants those crazy products or wants to date the “Hot Christian Singles” that insist on me.  I respond to those who need my attention with love.  I love myself by stepping away when I need a break.

Miraculously, as I apply love to the task, the task becomes love.   Love shows me what to do.  Then the other tasks in my life become love too.

What if you were to pick one ordinary thing you have to do and do it with great love?  How might that change your life?

Meditate – Ponder this phrase – “Today, I will apply love to the task at hand.”  What inspiration springs to mind when you think about this?

Practice – Pick one ongoing task and commit to doing it with love today.  See if it ripples out to embrace other tasks.

Advanced Practice – When you forget to apply love to the task at hand, find a way to love your forgetfulness. 

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2 Responses to Love the Task At Hand

  1. Paul truedson says:

    Good morning Bonnie, I can really relate to your e mail comment! I am waiting at lax for a plane to NYC for business. I will continue to love, breathe and meditate. Thanks! Have a good day! Best Paul.


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