Make Me An Instrument


Sometimes people believe letting go equals complacency.

Letting go is not giving up.  Life requires practice.  Living requires the will to align ourselves with qualities such as stillness and equanimity.  We need will to mind our minds.

But we also need surrender.


In the marriage of will and grace, we become an instrument for something great.

I found the marriage of will and grace (surrender) when I was singing opera.  I trained with determination.  I practiced my high notes.  But when it came time to perform, my best performances happened when I let go of performing.  On good days, I transcended effort. My technique supported me, but the real technique was letting go of technique.   I stopped trying to “do it right,” or “be something,” and instead became an instrument for the music beyond me.   

I’ve heard the same is true for athletes.  Click here to see a great marriage of technique and surrender.   Her technique gets her in the room.  Her surrender makes it flow.

In your unique blend of will and surrender, the Absolute becomes your essence, like the fragrance of a rose. 

How will you marry will and surrender?   How will you be an instrument?   What song will play through you? 

Meditate – Consider all of the noble pursuits you’ve practiced, the ways you have used your will.  Then let it all go as you say, “Make me an instrument.”

Practice – Throughout the day, say “Make me an instrument.”   Or if you prefer, “I am an instrument.”

Advanced Practice – Consider your most powerful “instrumental” contribution to the world.  Then take one tiny surrendered step in that direction.  The world is a better place when you are willing to be an instrument for life, love, and the divine. 

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2 Responses to Make Me An Instrument

  1. Rebecca Herrera says:

    Thanks I needed this!


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