Change is Letting Go


As 2016 drew to a close, many of us felt the stress of multiple changes.  Personally, I felt shriveled up like a prune, devoid of creative ideas.   I wanted to be a force for good in the world, but in the last days of December, I couldn’t summon my resources.


Then I dreamed a magician turned me into a bar of soap.

My cranky-face was plastered on the bar, and I squawked, “Get me out of here.”  It was like the trees in the Wizard of Oz, the ones that slap Dorothy when she picks apples.

The next morning, I meditated on the purpose of the dream.  I saw it as an invitation to let go; to be more like soap.

Soap becomes powerful when it loses its shape.  Through its willingness to be nothing, soap renews everything.   Like a Bodhisattva, soap sacrifices itself to restore the world to purity.

Are you willing to be nothing to purify everything?  Can you serve the world through letting go?

Chances are, you’re holding onto old attitudes and behaviors that prevent you from reaping the full majesty of existence. Letting go will help.

Today, simply examine your willingness to let go – or your unwillingness, because unwillingness is your friend too.

Meditate – Center and repeat the phrase, “I let go” for several minutes in the morning.  Feel the energy of letting go.

Practice – Throughout the day, notice your tendency to clutch or become rigid in your mind.  See this as an invitation to practice.  If you feel stuck, say “I let go.”

Advanced Practice – Give away an item that you would normally hold onto.  See what happens when you let go.  Love whatever comes up.

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